Daily Message ~ Thursday February 25, 2016

So many of you wish for movement when you are experiencing a lull. You can make yourselves quite uncomfortable by resisting the gift of that phase, by starting to judge it or making it wrong. Many others while in an action phase start to feel overwhelmed and yearn for the lull.

Dear Ones, you always have the supports you need. Each stage serves a purpose and is there to serve you. By fully embracing the gifts of either period you will be allowing the universe to beautifully provide for you and you can joyfully experience the best of both worlds.

So enjoy lulls periods as tiny vacations for the soul – opportunities for self care, rest, and reflection. Enjoy the waves of movement during an action phase, knowing the energies are supporting you to accomplish a great deal. Know that your guides, helpers, and highest self are always there to help you get the most out of both and appreciate the unique benefits of each stage. ~Archangel Gabriel

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