Daily Message ~ Thursday July 2, 2015

Your soul is, by nature, expansive. It wishes to grow, flow, and experience. Your mind, naturally, seeks to constrain into categories and predictability. It wishes to put things into the context of what it already knows. This is where much of the discomfort of the human experience comes from – the tug of war between the desire for freedom and movement from the soul, and the desire for control and containment from the mind.

The comfort that you seek comes from honouring both. If you understand that freedom and love are the greatest joys of the soul, you can meet that need by allowing the heart to lead the way. Since the mind likes to catalogue information, you can get it involved by asking it to track the successes of heart-centered living. By employing both, you have found a balance that satisfies the integral parts of the human experience, and will be moving forward with far greater ease and cooperation from all vital aspects of self. ~Archangel Gabriel

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