Daily Message ~ Thursday March 10, 2016

Dear Ones, if you have a love relationship that is making you feel very activated, know that feeling has occurred, not because the other person is bad or wrong, but because it is time to turn your love on yourself. What you will find as you move further and further into the new energies, is that the old templates of love no longer work. Expecting others to behave a certain way for your satisfaction and approval will be an exercise in futility. Rather, the focus is on unconditional love, both for yourself and for others. This means you will be letting others off the hook, so to speak, for your emotional happiness and finally taking the reins of self love and responsibility.

This is such a profound and pivotal shift, for it means that you have finally taken your power back and will be focusing on healing and loving yourself like never before. This will release you from the fear of the wild card of other people’s behaviour and create a solid, firm foundation of alignment and presence that will allow you to show up more fully and authentically than ever before. It will powerfully shift you from the energies of constant vigilance, judgment, frustration, and powerlessness to empowered acceptance because you will understand the change that is being sought is within you.

As you truly understand that your love, care, and satisfaction is an inside job, you will finally hold, and draw to you, the love, care, and satisfaction you’ve been seeking all along. This reunion with self will create the long awaited aspect of Heaven on Earth you’ve all been yearning and striving for – the freedom to truly love and be loved in the purest way, which is without attachment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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