Daily Message ~ Thursday March 23, 2017

The Divine Combination of faith, surrender, flow, and trust, can be viewed as a progression of a person’s awakening process. Let us explain what we mean by that.

The first step in the enlightenment process, is faith – the belief in something more than yourself. The next step of that process is starting to work with that something larger through the aspects of surrender and flow and a willingness to be led.

But the final, most important aspect to fall into place in a human’s awakening process really is trust, for it completes the model of the Divine Combination. All of the aspects must be employed together in order for the magic of enlightenment to occur.

It is the aspect of trust that most enlightening human beings are now realizing the importance of, as they start moving forward in the new cycle of creation you are entering on your planet at this time.

Trust is vital because it completes the combination which opens the doorway to enlightenment. It completes the circle, if you will, which perpetuates forward empowered movement with the full support of Source because your are in willing recognition and acceptance of that support.

There are many things that happen when you put into place the final piece of the Divine Combination. Faith and trust begin to work together, anchoring the energies of acceptance, allowing, patience, and peace. Surrender and flow keep you in ever expanding movement in the highest, most supported way available to you. You begin to play and create in higher vibrational energies which can only lead you to your greatest experiences and highest service.

So trust, Dear Ones. Allow that final piece to fall into place and shine in your most beautiful expression of self. You are ready for this step, for it is what all your work on your enlightenment process has been leading up to, and where your soul has been beckoning you to go all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

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