Daily Message ~ Thursday May 4, 2017

So many of you have been conditioned to believe you are not good enough, that you must constantly fight to prove your goodness, and that you must sacrifice your self and needs for others, in order to prove your worth. On top of that, you have been told that you must look better, you must conform within certain acceptable behaviours, and reach certain standards of success in order to be deemed good enough. So we ask you, how does self love work with all those old belief systems?

Dear Ones, you are not separate from Source energy. You are glorious, individuated aspects of God, carrying unique traits, interests, soul agendas, and appearances, all to add to the beauty of the mosaic of the whole. There is no other being on earth with your exact energy stamp, that is how important and special you are. You volunteered to come onto the planet holding those traits to best serve both your soul and all of humanity.

Do you see? You are celebrated for exactly who you are, and the more you embrace being your unique self, the better you are honouring your service mission!

In order to move into the self love you seek and deserve, you must let go of all the old conditioning that led you to believe you are not enough. You must dismantle the old, constraining, controlling beliefs, and replace them with new beliefs that match your own truth and beingness. If Source energy is all that is, you must be part of that energy.

To make yourself wrong, or less than, would be to say that God got it wrong, or that parts of Source are less than or tainted. If you feel into that statement, your heart will tell you that simply cannot be so. Take the time to examine each limiting belief you were exposed to and ask yourself, “Is this really true?” The wisdom of your heart will always give you the truth if you allow yourself to hear it. Take a moment to release whatever is untrue, and give your inner self the love and support it did not get. Sit with and honour the pure beauty, goodness, and innocence of your soul.

Allow yourself to shine. Allow yourself to see the beauty and divinity you truly are. When you can stop making yourself wrong, you will stop resisting yourself and start accepting yourself. When you start to accept yourself you will begin to move with the universe, to harness the love and support that has always been there for you, cheering you on. You will start to hold the energy of love, which will allow you to draw love and to shine love everywhere you go. And that, Dear Ones, is the coming Home to self we speak of and what drives the shift on your planet you are in the body to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel

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