Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 15, 2017

The energetic work that you have been a part of over the past several years has been creating an energetic foundation to be built upon. The times you are in now are the completion of the foundation, and you will be moving forward into the aspects of joyful creation as you step beyond the transformative energies of this month.

Let us explain what we mean. It is as though you have put together all of the finest ingredients for a cake. You have lovingly mixed the ingredients together and have baked it with care.

The cake is the foundation. Once you have checked it and determined it was cooked through, you do not need to keep checking it, or keep placing it in the oven to cook it a little bit more. When it is done, it is done.

Once have accepted that fact and allowed it to cool and set, you can then move on to the fun part. You can ice it, and decorate it, and add whatever extras you like that would delight you.

Dear Ones, the cake is your energetic foundation and it is complete. Moving forward you get to choose how you wish to personalize your creation. You get to express yourself however you like, in whatever ways will bring you joy, and savour the fruits of your labour. ~Archangel Gabriel

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