Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 4, 2015

We find it curious that some of you actually fear achieving your dreams and will self sabotage to avoid success. We view it as a fear of death, coming from the idea that if you reach your highest potential, your purpose on the planet will be over. This has actually been perpetuated by the old martyr paradigm, where so many people made tremendous differences, only to be met with death for their efforts.

Dear Ones, please throw those old and limiting beliefs out! You are an eternal being of expansion, and you are on the planet to evolve into greater and greater expressions of self. Fear not, the second you reach one success, you will find yourself on a platform with a brand new vantage point, from which you will create again.

Embrace the freedom that comes from being on an ascending planet that supports you to safely enjoy your highest expression of self! Do not be afraid to follow your deepest dreams, your passions, your purpose, for that is exactly what your soul is craving to do, and leads to the sweetest joys you can experience as a human being. ~Archangel Gabriel

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