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Daily Message ~ Tuesday January 23, 2018

Forgiving another is not condoning or endorsing a behaviour that was harmful to you. It is an act of love for yourself to energetically untether yourself from an event or time that was hurtful to you. In releasing the connection to the other you create room for healing, which allows you to receive not only the closure you seek but also moves you forward in a more empowered way.

It is loving yourself enough to forever remove yourself from energies that do not honour who you are and how you deserve to be treated and instead move back into the wholeness you’ve been missing. This is a profound shift onto an entirely different energetic layer that allows you to thrive and evolve despite where you have been and what you have experienced in an expanded and wiser way, which is the ultimate act of taking your freedom and your power back. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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