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Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 21, 2017

Dear Ones, if an old wound keeps coming up for you very insistently, it is not a sign that you are irrevocably broken. Far from it! It is a sign that you are ready to heal it once and for all. This is a wonderful thing!

Sit with what is coming up. If it is an old hurt that occurred from someone, one effective and empowering technique can be going into meditation, connecting with them, and telling that person exactly how they made you feel. Sometimes the most freeing thing is being able to speak your truth to the other in a way that is completely safe to do so.

Meeting through meditation is a wonderful way to do this. You may even be surprised by receiving information about what wounds they carry that led them to behave the way they did, to give you a deeper understanding of the situation.

To be clear, we are not advocating you harm or lash out at the other in any way. This is simply about showing up in your truth and being heard and acknowledged. Pay attention to what is going on in your body during this process. You may be surprised to see that this issue is connected to discomfort in your physical body. That is also ready to be healed if it is coming up.

Once you have allowed yourself to say everything you’ve needed to say, you will likely feel a release of the energy that kept you bound to the situation. You can ask for healing on all levels to occur for both of you, see any cords, karma, or contracts that existed between you dissipating, and then you can simply see them going on their way secure in the fact that you have given yourself the closure you’ve been seeking for so long.

This will shift your energy. Be kind and gentle with yourself in the days that follow. Ask for additional assistance from your guides and helpers if you feel you need it, knowing it is always there for you. Love and honour yourself for the tender being that you are, and celebrate the healing and empowerment you have created for yourself and the fact that you are ready to step forward in this next beautiful expression of self! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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