Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 30, 2017

In times of energetic intensity, self care is key. Not just physical self care, but also emotional self care. Many old issues, wounds, fears, and concerns may come up for examination, healing, and release. This process does not need to be traumatic if you are approaching it from a place of balance and love.

If something comes up that is unpleasant or activating to you, we invite you to ask it the following questions. What do you need to feel safe? To be acknowledged? To be comforted? To be healed? To be soothed? To be integrated or released? What do you need to feel loved? What do you need to feel like you matter?

Imagine that you had a line of little children, all with needs that weren’t being met. Most of their needs would be very easy to fix from the vantage point of your adult, empowered self. It would be easy for you to stop and ask each child and then assess and give what it is they needed for their comfort, reassurance, and well-being.

Why not do that for yourselves? Why not, from your more evolved vantage point, see each aspect that comes up for healing as an opportunity to bring peace and comfort to yourself? It is your love and care that will bring a greater sense of inner unity and acceptance, and restore balance within.

You do not need to look for trouble within yourself. As your own caretaker, you can create the environment for you to thrive and then simply address any issues that may come up with your wisdom and divine capability.

And that, Dear Ones, is the beauty of the times that you are in, that you are finally ready to step up and give yourselves the love that you have been yearning for all along – your own. ~Archangel Gabriel

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