Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 4, 2013

The ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small has no interest in enlightenment. In fact, it will attempt to sabotage your growth through the use of fear and doubt in its bid to have things remain the same and to stay in control.

If the human stays the course and ends up moving forward in their enlightenment process, the ego will again try to retain control, and will attempt to infuse itself into the person’s spirituality. This is how spiritual ego is born.

Spiritual ego has been responsible for every atrocity done towards man in the name of religion from the beginning of time. It occurs when a person has reached a certain level of spiritual understanding and then has twisted the teachings to suit the ego in its desire to separate and deny the growth and empowerment of others. Thankfully it is very easy to recognize if you know what to look for.

Dear Ones, spirituality serves the whole. It honours each and every person as a beloved, honoured and vital piece of the whole. It supports growth and expansion, and encourages others to shine and bloom. There is no human that is more gifted, more special than any other. There is no superiority in true enlightenment, only BEingness and authenticity. You are all gifts from God, each delightful and perfect in your multi-faceted ways, like glowing jewels from heaven. ~Archangel Gabriel

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