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Daily Message ~ Wednesday February 2, 2022

Many of you were raised to choose one thing you wanted to be when you grew up. As young adults you were expected to pick a career path and stick to it. Not only were you expected to stay on that path for decades, you were taught it really didn’t matter if you liked it or not, what mattered was putting food on the table.

While these beliefs were pushed upon you by your parents or grandparents because it was believed to be good advice, it was created from times of lack. Most of these ideas were born from times of war or depression, and they were survival based.

Dear Ones, you are not on the planet just to survive, you are on the planet to thrive! As multidimensional beings you are always changing and evolving and have many different gifts and interests. Think of how much the energies have shifted over the past year, two years, five years, ten years! It is a very rare thing to have what was a match to you years ago still be an exact match to you now.

So we are encouraging you to give yourself the freedom to try many things! As an enlightening human you may very well be drawn to having your hands in many pots. This allows you to move with whatever the energies are supporting, to experience your many gifts, talents, and interests, and also gives the universe many different revenue streams to serve you through.

If you follow your heart and the nudging of your soul, you will not only find great satisfaction in allowing yourself to express yourself, you will make great discoveries along the way. Let go of the idea that you can only ever be one thing and allow yourselves the freedom to flow and bloom in whatever ways bring you joy. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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