Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 8, 2017

As you consistently respond to yourself from a place of love and compassion, you automatically start to heal old wounds and reassure your way back into wholeness. It is showing up for yourself as your own loving guide, parent, and best friend. It is moving beyond abandonment into secure attachment and security.

When you start to love and nurture yourself, this will not mean that you do not need others. Far from it! It means that you will release others from the thought that they are responsible for your emotional state, which will allow you to show up for others from a space of giving rather than taking, honour rather than neediness, love rather than blame. This shift supports acceptance and unconditional love, ease and beingness with each other, and connection from a space of authenticity which is what you truly crave from each other.

Once you start to assume responsibility for self, this does not mean that you will not help another in need. Enlightening human beings are kind, tender-hearted and compassionate beings. You will, of course, assist each other if it is required, but the shift will be that it is done in a way that is empowering for all involved, which allows every single being to start to connect to their own divine capability.

Let us give it to you this way. It is like you had a deep desire to learn how to skate. Initially you depended on another to hold you up until you were able to hone the skill to the point where you hold yourself up. From there, with practice, you got better and better until you could glide along joyfully on your own.

This does not mean that you would not stop and help someone who had fallen who was learning to skate. Of course you would! You are helper souls and that is always going to be your first instinct. But you would help that person learn to stand up and skate on their own, not forever lead them around depending upon you for their balance. Nor would you make how quickly or well they skated your responsibility, for you understand everyone has their own speed of learning and their own idea of what success is.

You would help them find their own centre so they could experience the joy of expressing themselves as they glided on their own, and then you would go back to your own beautiful movement and self expression. And that is the beauty of the enlightenment process – on and on it goes, with souls developing skills by showing up for themselves and from that space inspiring others to discover what is possible for them. ~Archangel Gabriel

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