Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 21, 2016


When you see someone making a choice that is contrary to what you would choose for yourself, instead of deeming it to be right or wrong, good or bad, why not see them as choosing to have an experience – an experience that will have great value to them, that it is a demonstration of free will that will lead to growth and expansion, otherwise, it simply wouldn’t be occurring.

You have been conditioned to evaluate based on success or failure. But you see, having experiences, whatever the outcome, is the goal, for you are on the planet, in the physical body, to have a full range of experiences, all designed for the evolution of the soul. If you can see it that way, you can see that the experience itself is the success.

When you choose to see the value of experience, you are able to move beyond judgment or attachment to outcome. You become a safe and supportive person that encourages self expression and learning. You will see others in their mastery which further empowers them to truly live without fear, self-governing based on what is right for their own soul and their particular soul path. You will support freedom and embody unconditional love by celebrating the divine perfection of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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