Daily Message ~ Friday June 30, 2017

It is very common for enlightening human beings to take the high road or the more spiritual response to any situation. This is wonderful and a beautiful sign of growth, if it is done in such a way that does not ignore your human response.

How many times have you ignored how you feel to be “more spiritual”? We love that you are taking a mindful approach! But we also urge you to honour ALL of your feelings. Any parts of you that have missed your attention will continue to rise up in their need for your care and love.

It is never too late to go give yourself what you needed at any given time. For example, if you ignored some very understandable anger over being treated unfairly, go into meditation back to that time and allow that emotion to be labeled, expressed, and ultimately released.

Don’t forget to give your human self love and reassurance that they are still good and evolving even though they had that response. Any emotion you have judged and deemed not spiritual enough still deserves your acknowledgment as a human being, rather than being shunned which will only perpetuate separation within yourself.

The true path to balance, integration, and wholeness is to offer yourself the same understanding, support, and unconditional love an ascended master, guide, parent, or best friend would give you. By doing so you move into the high vibrating energy of true acceptance for yourself, which will allow you to develop the skill of honouring and loving all aspects as they come up, and leading from that whole and nurtured space. ~Archangel Gabriel

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