Daily Message ~ Friday September 30, 2016


There is a wonderful thing that happens whenever you profoundly shift and evolve – as your vibration raises you have brand new potentials that you move into resonance with. This opens the door for new inspirations, new creations, and new relationships both with other humans and with guides that you are now an energetic match to.

It can be tempting to focus on how arduous the journey has been. But there are many, many benefits for you and we urge you to explore what they are and what they mean for you. It will remind you of why you wished to start your enlightenment journey in the first place!

We highly recommend that you meditate and ask, “Which higher guides am I now in resonance to work with who will assist me in this next phase of my journey?” “What new potentials are available to me?” “What does my new energetic state allow me to do now that I couldn’t do before?”

Get curious, Dear Ones! Connect and discover what the changes you have anchored within mean to you. Isn’t it time to discover the fruits of your labour? ~Archangel Gabriel

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