Daily Message ~ Monday October 10, 2016


Gratitude is an aspect that a great many of you have come to understand the importance of and have made it a regular practice. You feel gratitude for your many different elements in your lives, but there is one area that is consistently forgotten by many of you. That is remembering to have gratitude for yourselves.

Dear Ones, you are enlightening human beings, driving the Shift on an ascending planet. You are evolving at a remarkable rate, and assimilating energies that have never been sustainable before. You are growing rapidly, expanding and evolving, and demonstrating wisdom, kindness, courage, and love through it all.

Isn’t it time to acknowledge and celebrate the wonder that is you? Isn’t it time to thank youself for your efforts and incredible accomplishments? For we continue to be amazed and grateful for you – for all that you do, and for all you will continue to do, for yourselves and for humanity, in these unprecedented and remarkable times. ~Archangel Gabriel

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