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Daily Message ~ Saturday November 18, 2017

Have you noticed how your love relationships enjoy such a glorious time of wonder and connection in the beginning, and over time start to feel less and less magical? Have you wondered why that happens?

The reason for that is because you enter the relationship from a space of openness and appreciation but don’t consciously keep up that positive focus, and slowly start to shift from gratitude, unconditional love, and acceptance for each other into the lack of appreciation for them that you call taking for granted.

Once you fall into taking each other for granted and worse, negative focus, you start to judge the other, which creates separation. From the space of judgment and separation, it is easy to feel resentful and fall into conditional love, which further erodes the love and connection you once had. Further, because you are so focused on the failings of the other, you have stepped out of being responsible for self, and the knowing that the only thing that you do have control over is yourself.

Dear Ones, this is a very common thing, and something you are ready to evolve beyond. If your relationship has gone down this road, you can start to turn it around. Consciously look for the traits you truly love about your partner and voice your appreciation for them. Appreciation always shifts the energy into acceptance. Acceptance is the core of unconditional love.

When you show love and appreciation for another, they automatically start to see themselves through your eyes. You become a safe person for them to connect with again. They start to feel better about themselves, and start to appreciate you and the change you are supporting.

Appreciation and acknowledgment heals resentment. Connection becomes possible again because you aren’t steeped in energy that can only reject and separate. All of a sudden both partners start showing up as their best versions of themselves again.

We understand it can be hard to shift yourself out of old established patterns, but it is absolutely possible with a little conscious awareness and a willingness to shift the energy of how you show up for your relationship. As you continue on your enlightenment journey, you will naturally want to apply higher vibrating elements to your relationships, which is what supports the wonder and connection you’ve been missing.

It is a skill you all have, which is why the beginning of your union was so magical in the first place. You can choose to infuse your partnership with those same traits whenever you want, to bring things back into their full potential. It is never too late to step back into being the love you wish to experience. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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