Daily Message ~ Thursday March 24, 2016

Many of you try to constrain love, to label it, to mold it, to control it. What a huge disservice you do to yourselves when you do so! Love is a flow, an expansion. It seeks to grow and flourish, just as your soul does because your soul and love are one and the same.

When you try to label or force a relationship into looking a certain way, it is usually due to fear. You are looking for reassurances. But what if, by letting it define itself, you allow it to become far more profound, far grander than you ever could have imagined?

When two people come together in relationship, the two melding together become their own third energy. Allow your relationship to find its own flow. Understand it is the growth and expansion that will keep your relationship sustainable, while constraining it will deny it everything it needs to thrive. Once growth stalls in a relationship, the union will have lost its purpose and will start to fail. Ironically, the thing you were hoping to avoid through your control, is the very thing that will happen.

If you can savour the perpetual unfoldment of your love, you will be allowing it to become everything it could ever possibly be, and then some, because it will be moving with the energies and continually given an opportunity to evolve, and support, and honour, both people.

The magic that is felt in the first throes of love is actually from the flow, the alignment with Source, the expansion, and the potentials you become aware of. You can keep that magic going by honouring those elements, not just in the beginning, but through the entirety of your relationship. This is another way you will be releasing old templates and starting to relate with each other in new, higher vibrational ways. ~Archangel Gabriel

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