Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 10, 2016

In these fast, forward moving energies, as the planet and her inhabitants continue to evolve, anything that involves giving your power away is no longer supported. The energy has been withdrawn from supporting victim consciousness of any sort.

This means relationships that don’t honour you, ways that you don’t honour yourself, addictions, old belief systems – anything that keeps you stuck – will be spotlighted for you to heal, release, or transform once and for all. This is a good thing! This means that keeping yourself small and denying your own authentic power is no longer an option.

The universe, along with the assistance of your guides, helpers, and your own deepest desires, is lovingly pushing you forward to see the truth of your own glorious capability to heal, create, and reach your greatest potentials. From a soul perspective this is a wondrous time, where the illusions of weakness are finally dropping away, and being replaced with your truth and authenticity. Well done, Dear Ones, well done! ~Archangel Gabriel

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