Daily Message ~ Tuesday November 4, 2014

Human beings love labels. They like to know what to call things, how to define things, assigning names to things and experiences as a means of predicting what they are and how they will go. They also like to label things as some kind of assurance of how things will unfold. We understand why you do it, but we wonder if you understand how limiting labels can be.

Labels can be very constraining. When you name something, you are putting it in a box and creating parameters for it. But if you understand that freedom, growth and expansion are what you are on the planet to experience, can you see how labelling can be very controlling and restrictive?

Also, in some cases, labels can be separating rather than unifying. Considering you are moving into unity consciousness, and seeking to create a world that is evolving and connected, do labels serve you like they once did? Do you need the separation of labels to self define any longer? Can you see how the releasing of labels would bring far greater peace and far less separation to your planet?

Why not try living beyond labels and see what happens? Why not start simply accepting all people and circumstances as they present in each Now moment? Why not give all your experiences, both within, and with others, the room to define and grow and evolve? Why not concentrate on the divinity that exists in all and make that your new definition point? You just might be surprised at how much room you give everything to improve, both personally and globally, if you do. ~Archangel Gabriel

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