Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 31, 2016


So many of you have been conditioned to equate worrying with love. But is it really loving to worry?

When you worry about another, you are energetically broadcasting your belief that they are not competent. You are also in a space of fear and doubt, which is an indication that you are out of faith and trust. Not only are you in the illusion that the person is somehow unable to manage their life, but you are also buying into the illusion that things could ever unfold without divine perfection, or that they are somehow out of the loving support of the universe.

We love you for your tender and caring hearts! What if, when you saw someone having what you consider to be a struggle, your first reaction was to acknowledge them as being completely capable? What if you remembered that, just like you, they have an entire team of helpers and guides assisting them? What if you encouraged them to remember their own divine capability when they were having a temporary moment of self doubt? What if your pity and fear for them could be replaced with encouragement and faith?

We are not suggesting for a moment that you turn your back on someone who is in need. But we are encouraging you to make sure all assistance is offered with an eye towards the empowerment of all. Why not demonstrate your care with love, faith, and words of encouragement and empowerment rather than feeding the myth of powerlessness with worry? Why not, with your love and wisdom energetically support the innate mastery and authentic power of others in those moments when they temporarily forget their truth? ~Archangel Gabriel

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