Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 18, 2017


The way to thrive during these energetically intense times is to use your wisdom to move with whatever the energies are supporting. There are times that support action and times that support stillness and integration.

Trying to swim against the tide of either will only result in frustration and little to show for your effort. If you wait and choose to navigate your day according to what the energies are naturally in harmony with, you will find yourself being far more efficient, in less time and far more joyfully, than ever before.

This means if you see that something is not coming together with ease, giving yourself permission to return to it another day and then choose whatever is being supported, even if what is supported is doing very little at all!

Rest assured, there is never a time when nothing is going on. There are simply times of tangible movement, and times of progress being done behind the scenes. Both are equally important and essential parts of forward movement.

So trust, Dear Ones, and embrace your innate ability to read the energies accurately for you, and act accordingly. Waiting for the wave the supports what you are trying to accomplish is using your wisdom and mastery, which can only ultimately serve you and the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel

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