Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 15, 2017

In order to move into better feeling interactions with others, we would suggest that if you are asked to do something, you take a moment to feel into that activity to see how you really feel about it, and if it is something you truly wish to do.

If it is, give your agreement, and you will enter into that activity with open-heartedness and flow.  If you check in with yourself and you feel it is not something you wish to do, you can gently decline, knowing that it is far better to give a mindful no than it is to do something resentfully.

Where it starts to affect your relationships is when you say yes to something you really do not wish to do. This approach frequently ends up creating resentment towards others. Resentment is an emotion that is filled with resistance, which will always create discomfort and separation. You cannot resent and love another at the same time.

Dear Ones, if you say yes to something that you do not wish to do, please understand that is a choice. It is a choice that you have made, not something that someone made you do. You are always a sovereign being, and in charge of your own decisions.

When you assume responsibility for giving a yes when you really meant no, you become more aware of your choices and resulting emotions. It allows you to let other people off the hook for how you feel. This also creates an opportunity to make different choices next time, which will only improve your relationships in the long run.

Making choices in line with what is right for you and your soul improves communication. It makes you congruent to other people, and allows other to be more open to you because they know you speak your truth and there isn’t hidden emotion lying underneath.

From shifting into making decisions from a space of energetic alignment and honouring all involved, you will find yourself able to authentically and joyfully connect with others like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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