Daily Message ~ Monday April 3, 2017

Dear Ones, as your theology evolves, so naturally does your relationship with others. As you move beyond the belief in a judgmental, punishing God, into connection with a loving, accepting, and encouraging Source, and more than that, seeing yourself as an integral and beloved aspect of that divine whole, you lay the foundation to move beyond separation into unity consciousness.

You make the profound shift from conditional love to unconditional love, which paves the way for far deeper and meaningful interactions with others. That is exactly what will allow higher vibrational relationships to start to come together, creating new divine templates that hold and express the higher aspects of love your soul has been yearning to experience. It truly is the dawn of a new day for your relationships with Source, yourselves, and each other. ~Archangel Gabriel

Shelley’s Note: If you missed my appearance on the Awakening Heart Network this week, you can still catch the replay until Tuesday! Gabriel spoke on a wide variety of topics and his energy came through crazy strong though the whole call. Hope you enjoy this free event! You can listen by heading over to www.awakeningheartnetwork.com.

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