Daily Message ~ Saturday January 30, 2016

Dear Ones, if you are looking for deep, constant, unconditional love, we must ask you, do you love unconditionally? Are you consistent with your love, or are you still using a conditional love model in your relationships, doling out love for good behaviour?

Are you consistently loving to yourself? Are you listening to and honouring your own heart, or trying to force your relationships into what society says they should be? Are you allowing your love the time and space it needs to grow and thrive, watering and tending it like a sapling?

As you are evolving from conditional to unconditional love it is important to let go of the old templates and to pioneer your love relationships into something that truly matches who you really are and how you wish to express yourself. Again, the fastest way to make any change you seek is to apply to self, to be the change, and allow that new preference to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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