Daily Message ~ Thursday September 1, 2016


There is a beautiful, authentic, and profound shift in your power when you start to navigate your life from inclusion rather than exclusion.

When you are focused on inclusion you have stepped out of pushing against what is unwanted to simply deciding what your preferences are. Inclusion is an act of acceptance, of unity consciousness, of love.

Inclusion takes you out of the energetic layer that holds judgment, struggle, fighting and rejecting – engaging with what is unwanted – into an entirely new energetic platform that is much more efficient and satisfying to create from. It demonstrates your ability to peacefully choose, rather than fight.

Most of all, inclusion finally moves you into the receiving of your own unconditional love and acceptance, demonstrating that you finally see yourself as an honoured, divine, worthy, and beloved part of the whole, and thus, embodying your truth and what it is you wish to experience more of.

It is through inclusion, Dear Ones, not exclusion, that you will finally create the peace, support, and joyful expressions of self you’ve been seeking. ~Archangel Gabriel

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